"MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS" Phillip Noyce Capitol Films Alexandra Milchan
      Ryan Kavanaugh
8 weeks pre-production, shoot postponed     Melanie Johansson
"LOVE GURU" Marco Schnabel Paramount Pictures Michael De Luca
      Donald J.Lee Jr
"FOOL'S GOLD" Andy Tennant Warner Brothers Donald De Line
      Bernie Goldmann
      Jon Klane
"AMAZING GRACE" Michael Apted Fourboys David Hunt
    Walden Media Patricia Heaton
      Terence Malick
Nomination: Satellite Award, for best Production Design     Edward Pressman
      Ken Wales
"FLYBOYS" Tony Bill Electric Entertainment Dean Devlin
    MGM Marc Frydman
"THE HONEYMOONERS" John Schultz Paramount Pictures Julie Durk
      David Friendly
      Eric Rhone
      Marc Turtletaub
"LAWS OF ATTRACTION" Peter Howitt Irish Dreamtime Beau St Clair
    Intermedia Marc Turtletaub
      Pierce Brosnan
      Julie Durk
      David Friendly
"THE ITALIAN JOB" F Gary Gray Paramount Pictures Donald De Line
"MINDHUNTERS" Renny Harlin Intermedia Films Cary Brokaw
    Outlaw Productions Jeffrey Silver
    Dimension Films Rebecca Spikin
"DRIVEN" Renny Harlin Warner Brothers Don Carmody
"GET CARTER" Stephen Kay The Canton Company Mark Canton
    Warner Brothers Neil Canton
"GEPPETTO" Tom Moore Walt Disney Television Ted Zachary
Nomination: Emmy Award for ABC Outstanding Art Direction
"PATHFINDER" Jan De Bont Paramount Pictures Mark Bakshi
(cancelled - 4 months of design/prep)   Mace Neufeld
"LEGIONNAIRE" Peter MacDonald Twentieth Century Fox Edward Pressman
      Roberto Malerba
"MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION" John Leonetti Threshold Ent. Lawrence Kasanoff
    New Line Cinema Kevin Reidy


"THE FUGITIVE" Andrew Davis Warner Brothers Arnold Kopelson
(Train Wreck Sequence)
"FEARLESS" Peter Weir Spring Creek Prods Mark Rosenberg
(Plane Crash Sequence)   Warner Brothers Paula Weinstein
"NEW NIGHTMARE" Wes Craven New Line Cinema Marianne Maddalena
"UNDER SIEGE" Andrew Davis Regency Enterprises Arnon Milchan
    Warner Brothers Steven Reuther
"MONOLITH" John Eyres MCA Geoff Griffith
      Michael Polaire
"ARMY OF DARKNESS" Sam Raimi Renaissance Pictures Robert Tapert
    Universal Pictures
"BILLY BATHGATE" Robert Benson Touchstone Pictures Robert Colesbury
      Arlene Donovan
"THE TOWER" Robert Kletter FNM Films Matthew Rushton
    Fox Television


GEVALIA COFFEE Pelle Seth Oh La La Films Julie Ahlberg
NBC Promos Kendal Bowlin NBC Romy Hoffman


City and Guilds of London Art School, Degree with Honors in Fine Art Conservation and Restoration


IATSE Local 800      



Countries/Cities worked in:

Amsterdam, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Jordan, London, Montreal, Morocco, Philippines, Prague, Thailand, Vancouver